Chuguev Aviation Repair Plant Civil Jet Aircraft L-39D

Civil jet aircraft L-39D – demilitarized (training, flight, for private use)

Developer / Manufacturer:

State Enterprise “Chuguev Aviation Repair Plant".

Engine: AI-25TL, dual-circuit turbojet (Developer GP “ZMKB“ Progress ”named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko, Manufacturer of Motor Sich OJSC).

The standard equipment of the L-39D aircraft – demilitarized (in accordance with the standard design) includes: an MS-61 aircraft recorder, a KING KY 196 B radio station, an aircraft responder GTX 327, and a beacon.

Instrumentation equipment and systems that can be additionally installed on an L-39D aircraft – demilitarized: DME, GPS, VHF, VOR / LOC / ILS, Intercom.

Services of company: extension of the resource, warranty and maintenance of aircraft L-39D – demilitarized.

Additional options:

  • completion of a system for setting demonstration smoke for aerobatic teams;
  • installation of additional outboard fuel tanks;
  • delivery of hardware-software complex “TEST L-39" (for collecting, analyzing and storing information from the on-board sensors of the L-39D aircraft – demilitarized).

Since 1996, the company has started the serial repair of L-39 training aircraft. To date, more than 120 aircraft have been repaired, both for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and for the foreign customer.

Since 2004 after carrying out a set of research projects in conjunction with the GosNIIAviation of Ukraine, the company is extending the assigned service lives for L-39 aircraft.

The company carries out overhaul of the aircraft L-39S, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, their units, assemblies and equipment, auxiliary power plants “SAPFIR-5", the manufacture of ground support equipment, tools for the repair and operation of aircraft.

For private customers, the company in the process of overhaul performs work on the demilitarization and refinement of the international requirements of civil aviation. Type certificate № ТЛ 040 from 17.02.10g. on the plane L-39D (demilitarized) as a civilian aircraft.

The technologies operating at the enterprise make it possible to carry out overhaul and repair of the L-39 aircraft of all modifications in full, as well as repairs according to the technical condition. After the overhaul of the aircraft, a warranty life of 100 flight hours is assigned for 12 calendar months. After the overhaul of the auxiliary power unit SAPFIR-5, an overhaul life of 2500 launches and a warranty life of 250 launches over 12 calendar months are assigned to the Armed forces of Ukraine.

CHARZ will supply the TEST L-39 hardware and software system designed for collecting, displaying, decoding and analyzing parametric and speech information obtained from onboard sensors and aircraft devices during the tests.

On the basis of a specialized educational complex, GP CHARZ will train the engineering and flight personnel of the customer in the rules of operating the L-39D aircraft, provide retraining and practice in accordance with the specialties.



Modernization of aircraft and their components, assemblies and equipment, auxiliary power units, demilitarization, refinement of aircraft under the A-39D.


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