«CHARZ» supplies software/hardware complex “TEST L-39” designed for collection, indication, decoding and analysis of parametric and speech information being gathered by aircraft onboard sensors and devices during testing. The state enterprise «CHARZ» will train technical staff and air crew of the customer in operating rules of aircrafts L-39, will provide retraining and practice in conformity with profession on the basis of specialized educational complex.

Technologies acting at the enterprise allow to carry out reconditioning overhaul of aircrafts L-39 of all modifications in complete volume, and also to fulfill repair on a technical state. During repair the works are performed on the extension of aircraft L-39 total service life for providing of life between overhauls of 1600 hours within 12 years. After fulfillment of overhaul the warranty service life is assigned to aircrafts of 100 flying hours during 12 calendar months. After carrying out of overhaul of an auxiliary power unit «Sapphire – 5» it gets life between overhauls of 2500 starts and the warranty life of 250 starts during 12 calendar months.

The enterprise carries out:

  • Tested in practice modification of flight data recorder system - the replacement of САРПП-12 system (automatic flight data recorder) by the onboard emergency-service recorder of flight data БУР - 4-1, that will allow the customer to receive more authentic information about the status of systems and equipment of aircraft during flights, to register parameters with the increased accuracy, to reduce considerably time of decoding and processing of the information;
  • Modernization of aircraft L-39 avionics on the customer specifications;
  • Re-equipment of aircrafts L-39 under the international requirements of civil aviation;
  • arrying out of aircraft modification on system of demonstration smokes for flight groups;
  • Demilitarization of aircraft L-39.