Civilian jet A-39D - demilitarized (Trainer, aerobatic, for private use)


Developer / Manufacturer:

State Enterprise "Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant".

Engine: AI-25TL, turbojet (Developer SE ZMKB "Progress" to them. Academica Ivchenko, manufacturer Motor Sich ").

In the standard equipment of the L-39D - demilitarized (in accordance with standard design) included: aircraft tape MC-61, the radio station KING KY 196 B, airplane defendant GTX 327, a signal beacon.

Instrumentation and systems, which can be further installed on the aircraft A-39D - Demilitarized: DME, GPS, VHF, VOR / LOC / ILS, Intercom.

Services of company: life extension, guarantee and maintenance of aircraft L-39D - demilitarized.

Additional options:

Finalization of a system of staging the demonstration of smokes for aerobatic teams,
Installation of additional external fuel tanks,
Delivery of hardware and software "TEST L-39" (for collecting, analyzing and storing information from onboard sensors L-39D - demilitarized).

The company carries out major repairs of the aircraft A-39C, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, their components, assemblies and equipment, auxiliary power units

"Sapphire-5, manufacturer of ground support, tools for repair and maintenance of aircraft.

"CHARZ" delivers hardware-software complex "TEST L-39, designed to collect, display, interpretation and analysis of parametric and verbal information from onboard sensors and devices, an airplane in conducting tests. Based on specialized training of state enterprise "CHARZ" train technicians and aircrew of the customer operating rules of aviation equipment, provide training and practice in accordance with the special.

Existing technologies allow the company to produce overhaul and refurbishment of aircraft A-39 of all modifications in its entirety, as well as repairs on technical conditions. In the process of repairing the works for the extension of utility service life L-39 for the overhaul period 1600 hours over 12 years. After major repairs on the aircraft assigned to guarantee the resource 100 flight hours during 12 calendar months. After the overhaul of auxiliary power unit "Sapphire-5" is assigned to the APU TBO 2,500 runs and 250 runs guaranteed life during the 12 calendar months.